Thursday, February 28, 2013

Facebook confirms purchase of Microsoft's Atlas to boost ad sales

Islamic group promises to resume U.S. bank cyberattacks

LogicBuy Test

Ubuntu chief says converged platforms are the future

Business green-light Apple iPads after Surface letdown

Google CFO Pichette: 'Search is still in its infancy'

Is Yahoo's telework ban shortsighted or savvy?

Five new features coming in openSUSE Linux 12.3

Review: Tweriod tells you when to tweet

Review: MobileGo for iOS goes where iTunes won't

Avast's all-new antivirus lineup packs in new features, a redesigned interface

CEO says ARM will learn from its mistakes with Windows RT

China claims its military and defense sites were hacked by U.S. attackers

ISPs plan to hijack browsers and limit Internet access to combat copyright piracy

Users don't want gigabit Internet speeds, Time Warner Cable exec says

Searching for Windows at Mobile World Congress

PayPal accepts coins and paper currency at Coinstar kiosks

Samsung denies charges of underage labor in China following complaint in France

Answer Line: How to print from Android

TD-LTE goes mainstream with a new performance promise

Why Microsoft's pushing Office subscriptions

When alien hardware invades: 4 keys to BYOD success

Panacea or pariah: Five PC cleanup utilities put to the test

How to survive inevitable cloud failures

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Linus Torvalds speaks out with a Secure Boot plan

Researchers discover new global cyber-espionage campaign

New Heart of the Swarm trailer preludes release

Review: IFTTT connects social media, photo and other Web services

High-tech innovators and investors call for Congressional action on patent trolls

Review: SpeedyPainter boils painting down to its very basics

App Spotlight: TigerText promises to keep text messages private and secure

Change the default behavior for new tabs in Internet Explorer

Music piracy is down: A lesson for Hollywood

Third time's the charm? Adobe patches even more critical Reader vulnerabilities

$15 Windows 8 upgrade ends Feb. 28

Firefox OS should make Microsoft sharpen Windows Phone 8 sales plan

Decoded: Microsoft's puzzling Office 365 roll-out

Who owns that Twitter account?

Microsoft joins Open Data Center Alliance

HP shareholder revolt targets two directors, auditor over Autonomy purchase

Windows Store versus the world: How do Microsoft's offerings really stack up?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Android phone blasts into space aboard satellite

'Ubuntu Touch Port-a-Thon': 25 devices and counting

New security tool serves Amazon Cloud users

How to find top IT talent on LinkedIn

Review: AlbumPlayer really lets the music play

The FTC says identity theft retains its throne as No.1 consumer scourge

Review: Postbox is a slick, affordable desktop email client that plays nice with Gmail

Individual tabs gain nifty new features in pre-release Chrome and Firefox builds

Facing legal threats in Sweden, The Pirate Bay divides and multiplies

MYO armband senses muscle movements for Minority Report-style motion control

Internet Explorer 10 lands on Windows 7

Microsoft's dilemma: Office for the iPad or a bright future for the Surface tablets?

Application-specific passwords weaken Google's two-factor authentication, researchers say

Twitter rival aims to extend reach with 'freemium' model

Hands on with Chromebook Pixel: Google goes after the MacBook

Supercharge your laptop with 6 powerful utilities

Monday, February 25, 2013

Where things stand with Sailfish OS and Tizen

Samsung's Galaxy S IV phone will roll out March 14

Five surprisingly great things about Outlook 2013

Businesses get new marketplace for used IT gear

iOS plus inspired design equals awesome 'iWatch'

Windows 8 Tablets: On track for success in the enterprise?

Review: Get software directly from the vendor with a single click with DDownloads

Windows XP and Firefox take 25-year lead in security flaws

How to print an individual email in Gmail

Answer Line: How to add to your music collection for free

Imagination Technologies hopes to breathe new life into MIPS

BYOD gets attention at Mobile World Congress

Surface Pro vs. PC gaming: We torture test the tablet's gaming prowess

PlayStation 4 vs. PC graphics: Can Sony even compete?

Sunday, February 24, 2013

HP aims to launch low-power 'Moonshot' server next quarter

Software firms lobby Congress to defend patent protection

Lenovo's new tablets have Android 4.2, quad-core processors

Firefox to begin blocking third-party cookies by default

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Microsoft's Tough Friday: Software giant battles hackers, malware, and a cloud outage

Microsoft's Azure service falls to expired SSL certificate

Microsoft suffers another temporary Surface Pro shortage

Google expansion is latest employee perk designed to spark innovation

Zendesk hack a reminder of SaaS risk

Friday, February 22, 2013

Meet Manjaro Linux, a brand-new distro on the rise

Microsoft joins list of recently hacked companies

How to ask for tech help, 2013 edition

HTC settles with FTC over security issues in tablets, smartphones

Review: Songbird Desktop is much more than just a media player

Watch for mobile malware and targeted attacks, McAfee warns

Why Google bothered to make the Chromebook Pixel

CloudOn 4.0 brings virtual Microsoft Office to Android smartphones

Review: CloudMagic's personalized Web search service grows up

Zendesk security breach affects Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest users

HP's Whitman vows to keep the company intact, 'on track'

Twitter implements DMARC standard to fight phishing

Mobile World Congress: Will the Windows ecosystem be relevant in Barcelona?

Windows 8 picture passwords: Their great untapped potential

Thursday, February 21, 2013

HP reports drop in profit but says turnaround effort making progress hacked to serve up banking malware

Review: Dell C1660w color printer

Review: MP3 Rocket makes YouTube videos into MP3s

Dell's 'Sputnik' Ubuntu Linux laptop gets a key upgrade

Google announces $1299 touchscreen Chromebook Pixel

Review: Dexpot makes virtual desktops feel like a native part of Windows

Canon's Mixed Reality headset delivers augmented reality for an eye-watering price tag

Why do I get so much spam?

Square rolls out turnkey 'Business in a Box'

Google adds Chrome OS app launcher to Windows taskbar

Survey: Identity fraud in US reaches highest level in three years

Oracle moves manufacturing jobs from Mexico to the US

Microsoft enlists Dell to push Office 365 on new PCs

IBM makes big mobile push with ThinkMobile

Keep it stable, stupid! How to stress-test your PC hardware

How to make Ubuntu Linux look like Windows 7

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

FCC makes a move to lessen Wi-Fi congestion

NASA rover Curiosity grabs first Martian rock sample

How to improve your chances of recovering a lost Android phone

Companies are desperately seeking Linux talent, report says

Review: Razer Game Booster shuts down processes that distract your PC from your game

Adobe releases emergency patches for Reader and Acrobat

Yammer to integrate Office Web Apps, SkyDrive Pro

Windows Blue rumors hint at major Windows update this year

Office 2013 pricing loophole discounts suite by as much as $40

Surface sales aren't dominating, and that's okay with Microsoft's Ballmer

Google Glass video preview shows previously unrevealed functionality

Operators set stage for international Wi-Fi roaming

AMD takes on Intel's Ultrabooks with a new keyboard docking technology

Oracle releases new Java fixes, speeds up patching cycle

China's Defense Ministry calls accusations of state-sponsored hacking groundless

Video: Cyberstalking with LinkedIn

Office showdown: Microsoft Office 365 vs. Google Apps

12 great PC games even your grandmother could love

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dell profits fall as company battles to go private

Google's Page, Brin, and Schmidt to testify in employee antritrust case

Nvidia promises improved gaming with latest GeForce GTX Titan GPU

Mozilla debuts in-browser PDF, patches 13 Firefox bugs

Canonical launches Ubuntu tablet interface to run on top of its OS

Review: Connectify Hotspot turns your laptop into a hotspot

Microsoft's Surface RT shipments for China tiny compared to rival tablets

New report says cyberspying group linked to China's army

Review: Handy Backup is plain, powerful, and easy to use

Cisco attacks Microsoft's Lync service

Canonical unwraps Ubuntu Linux for tablets

HP quadruples virtual machines in new blade server

Microsoft to deliver Lync-Skype integration in June

Cisco puts a huge value on the 'Internet of everything'

Microsoft made a mistake with its mobile strategy, says Bill Gates

Microsoft steps up 'Scroogle' campaign against Google with advocacy twist

Any two Web pages are separated by just 19 clicks, study finds dumps "Preview" tag, preps for mass Hotmail migration

Liquid cooling vs. traditional cooling: What you need to know

Power through Gmail with 21 time-saving tricks

Monday, February 18, 2013

Review: Free Editor lets you open and edit over 70 different file types for free

What Office 2013's draconian licensing policy really means for you

Rogue Chrome extension racks up Facebook 'likes' for online bandits

Review: For a tune-up suite, System Mechanic is a good choice

Convert a Kindle ebook to a different format

Cyberattack threatens most businesses, Deloitte survey says

EU privacy regulators to rule on Google policy changes

App Spotlight: Sendboo translates multi-lingual messages on the fly

Adobe readies emergency patches for Reader, Acrobat

Control Windows 8 slide shows

Mega file-sharing service will accept bitcoin, Dotcom says

How to banish Metro from your Windows 8 PC forever

Google Chrome: How to make it faster, smarter and better than before

Sunday, February 17, 2013

PC epicenter shifts to Asia as Dell, HP and others regroup

Google retail stores might be a smart move, analysts say

Microsoft reopens 128GB Surface Pro online orders

LinkedIn revamping Jobs tool to open more doors for workers

Social media survey looks at race, gender and age of users

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Crash-proof computer tactic revealed by UK researchers

Intel shifts gears on Itanium, raising questions about the server chip's future

Reddit will accept bitcoin payment for premium service

12 infuriating Office 2013 flaws (and how to fix them)

Drones a target of U.S. House bill

Google to launch stand-alone stores by holidays

Friday, February 15, 2013

Facebook targeted by hackers, says no user data compromised

Review: Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition serves up the classic RPG better, and worse, than you remember

Infographic: The top 10 productivity-killers (and how to beat them)

AMD to release new Radeon HD 8000 graphics cards in 2013

How to browse the Kindle Lending Library on your PC

Office 2013 retail licensing change ties suite to specific PC forever

Review: Manga Studio 5 levels up with new tools and a fresh UI

Google+ suffers outage Friday morning

Microsoft warns of looming retirement for Windows 7 RTM

Computer History Museum shares original Photoshop code

FCC: US broadband providers deliver close to advertised speeds

Two Ubuntu Linux versions can now work with Secure Boot

No Plan B? The fallacies and risks of Microsoft's all-in Windows gambit

Steam lands on Linux, revving up for a living room battle

Facebook can keep real name policy, German court rules

Opera acquires Skyfire Labs for its speedy mobile technology

Facebook invites friends to pay to promote friends

Buffalo sets February launch date for 'world's fastest' external PC hard drive

Russian dashboard cameras, YouTube beam meteor explosion worldwide

Go paperless or die trying! 15 tablet apps for ditching dead trees

802.11n Wi-Fi Routers: Tested to the Nth degree

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Two Linux tablet projects take a step forward

Hands on with Bluestacks, a clumsy bid to bring Android apps to Windows 8

Review: Daemon Tools USB lets you access and share your remote USB devices

SugarSync 2.0 goes public, we go hands-on

Startup creates Yelp-like site that rates business apps

Review: Decor8 lets you customize the Windows 8 Start and lock screens

Multiple Hard Drives Working Together: All about RAIDs

Adobe confirms zero-day exploit bypasses Adobe Reader sandbox

15 products we love (or the geekiest Valentines ever)

10 Microsoft Word 2013 headaches and how to cure them

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

For a sneak peek at Ubuntu phones, try this Android app

Lawmakers reintroduce cyberthreat information-sharing bill

T-Mobile exec: 4G LTE-launch timing is 'perfect'

Survey: U.S. falls behind on user-centered BYOD

Review: Slicetige-G takes the pain out of designing your Google profile

iOS devices hobble Exchange servers when they sync

Ditch the PDF headaches: Three safer, speedier Adobe Reader alternatives

YouTube fights Russian public safety agency's video ban

Microsoft: Surface Pro tablets with 128GB arrive Saturday

Oracle contests Google's 'fair use' of Java code in appeal

Researchers: Zero-day PDF exploit affects Adobe Reader 11, earlier versions

iFixit's Surface Pro teardown shows repairs won't be easy

Review: Autostarter X3 automates your regular computer operations with batch files

How to access your old 3.5-inch floppy disks

How to recover lost form data in your Web browser

Mozilla delivers 'Metro' Firefox browser to testers

Why Office 365 and Office 2013 may not be right for you

HP Elitebook Folio review: Delivering the business goods

Ultimate Google toolbox: 20 tips, tricks, and hacks

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Monster Microsoft Patch Tuesday focuses on Windows, Explorer, Exchange

Review: Folder Colorizer brightens up Explorer, may help navigation

Three ways to imagine an Apple 'iWatch'

Researchers: Surveillance malware distributed via Flash Player exploit

Microsoft unleashes a Patch Tuesday to make your head spin

'Chromebook Pixel': the Google PC we've been waiting for?

LinkedIn's SlideShare boosts analytics tools

Review: Pencil lets you rough in mockups for mobile apps, websites, and desktop software

R-Drive Image 4.7

Bill Gates offers candid answers during Reddit's ask-me-anything-session

Facebook sued over 'Like' button by Dutch programmer's family

Microsoft to support Surface Pro tablet until 2017

How to build your own Steam Box today

How to sacrifice your online privacy for fun and profit

Review: Aliens: Colonial Marines is a bad movie reference

Monday, February 11, 2013

Four desktop email clients that can improve your Gmail experience

Secure boot loader now available to allow Linux to work on Windows 8 PCs

5 reasons to stick with BlackBerry, and 5 reasons to bail

Review: Document Metadata Cleaner strips personally identifiable metadata from your files

When will mobile commerce be ready for prime time?

7 things about SharePoint 2013 all IT pros should know

Not just Linux: Windows can 'brick' Samsung laptops too

You can get a BlackBerry Z10 now--for $999

AMD promises to squash confusion and quickly clarify 2013 Radeon plans