Thursday, October 31, 2013

Google, Samsung and others sued by acquirer of Nortel patents Rockstar

iPad Air still coveted by Chinese consumers, despite rise of Android tablets

Liberty Reserve co-founder pleads guilty to money laundering

Bugs and Fixes: updates to Windows iTunes, Java, and Internet Explorer

Senate panel approves bill to continue NSA surveillance

Africa to lead the world in international bandwidth demand

What's inside Android 4.4 KitKat and why you should care

A revamped interface, improved dialer, and app search are small steps toward a better Android.

Galaxy Nexus won't get Android KitKat

Google appears to have set parameters for how long it will support its devices, and the news isn't good.

Google, Oracle, Red Hat join effort

Wall Street Beat: Despite gov't cuts, tech spending overall shows signs of life

NSA's Accumulo NoSQL store offers role-based data access

Oracle shareholders vote against Ellison's compensation package

Cable modems prep for 10-Gbit connections with new specs

I reversed, it saw, it braked: Hands-on with Infiniti QX80's backup intervention

Adjustable sensors can detect kids, pets, and other small obstacles behind the car.

Nexus 5 arrives with super-sized screen, boosted battery

We have all the details on the new Kit-Kat-powered smartphone from Google.

Amazon taps X-Files creator, The Wire writer for two new original shows

The online retailer will greenlight two new pilots for its Amazon Prime Instant Video service.

Trade group opposes proposal to make websites liable for user comments

FAA now allows gadgets during takeoff, landing, and everywhere in-between

Get ready to use your smartphone without fear at the airport—the FAA is reversing its rule about the use of phones, tablets, and other electronic devices on planes. FAA will now allow gate-to-gate access to phones, tablets, and laptops.

Intel gets serious about 4G LTE with new chip

Radio on the TV: Pandora comes to Chromecast

Dig into PlayStation 4 details with Sony's console FAQ

Sony dishes the dirt on the PS4's hard drive, game caching, media playback, PS3 peripheral compatibility and more.

15-inch Retina MacBook Pro review: A tale of two laptops

Apple offers two standard configurations of its 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro, and the benchmarks tells very difference stories for each one.

Recover files from a dead external drive

Review: f.lux makes your computer usable at night

Don't fear the fun tax, and try Dead Trigger 2

Madfinger Games’ latest free-to-play zombie game may be a bit eager with in-app purchases, but don’t let that stop you.

Fake social media ID duped security-aware IT guys to offer private version of its AppExchange app store

Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud hit by worldwide management interuption

Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia cleared in India

Touchscreen monitor shootout: Dell's P2314T takes on Samsung's S24C770T

Samsung Ativ Book 9 Lite review: It's like a laptop for your Galaxy phone

How Samsung will convert you to its mobile app theology

At Samsung's first inaugural Samsung Developers Conference, "Google" wasn't uttered even once.

Windows 8.1 surprises: 25 hidden features and little extras

Microsoft uses Kinect to interpret sign language from deaf people

Sony slips into loss despite pick up in smartphone sales

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Silent Circle, Lavabit unite for 'Dark Mail' encrypted email project

Google shuttles DNS queries from Brazil back to US

Cops should be allowed to hack into computers, police officials say

Sprint taps into its spectrum for fast LTE, with room to grow

Some teens may indeed be anti-Facebook

This is one of the first times that the social network has identified a decrease in its teenage users. Where are they going? It may be Twitter.

Microsoft won't turn on Windows Defender for unprotected PCs

Some teens may indeed be anti-Facebook

Massive ads set to take over Windows' Bing app

Facebook's phone-first strategy is paying off -- to the tune of $2 billion

Facebook makes almost half of its ad revenue from the ads you see on your phone.

Some users grumble about Twitter's photo previews

Angry about a change in Twitter that puts photo previews front and center? You're not alone. calendar maintenance enters its second week

Some Windows 8.1 updates tripping over driver problems

Facebook strengthens its grip on mobile, latest earnings show

Every existing smartphone and tablet can now be a 3D scanner

Canon Pixma MG7120 review: All this gorgeous printer needs is cheaper ink

Report: Verizon could rescue Intel's odd set-top business

Apple's tablet lead shrinks as Android gains momentum

Android tablets drove tablet-market growth, while Apple’s iPad shipments were flat and Windows tablets continued to struggle.

Apple's tablet lead shrinks as Android gains momentum

Facebook’s first real phone shouldn’t be a BlackBerry

Zuckerberg says hardware isn't part of Facebook's mobile-first strategy. So what's up with the BlackBerry meetings?

Bidding farewell to Hassle-Free PC

Cisco to release free standard software to boost Web videoconferencing

NSA spying on Google and Yahoo without their knowledge

HHS head says she's responsible for troubled

Steam user count tops Xbox Live ahead of Valve's console push

Report: NSA breaks into Yahoo, Google data center links

Open-source software projects need to improve vulnerability handling practices, researchers say

Save your Internet bacon with two-factor authentication

Why log in once when you can log in twice? Two-factor authentication can give you some added protection, and it's fairly easy to set up.

HTC One infringes on Nokia patent, UK court rules

Bay Trail chips to speed up Lenovo's next ThinkPad Tablet

Careful, nerds: Wearing Google Glass while driving may get you a ticket

Enterprise software revenue growth suggests recovery under way, IDC says

Orange adds extra hand holding features to new smartphones

EU Council chief did not use Russian USB stick given to summit leaders

Dell: Yes, our laptop smells like cat pee, but it's not cat pee

Apple iPhone 5s battery issue could result in reduced battery life

Apple is reaching out to owners of the iPhone 5s because of a manufacturing issue that could result in reduced battery life.

Eucalyptus eases way to bring Amazon cloud deployments in-house

Here are all of Google's Halloween Easter eggs

Taiwan protests Apple maps that show island as a Chinese province

Infosys settles with US government for $34 million over visa dispute

Review: WinZip 18 stays light on its feet with new Express add-ons

Copyright levy for ISPs violates EU regulation, Belgian government says

Vanquished piracy site Isohunt rises from the dead

The White House cares about games, but not for the reasons you think

White House advisor Mark DeLoura talked at Gamesbeat 2013 today about video games, violence, and education. The result? Math Blaster 2014, hopefully.

Apple iPhone 5s battery issue could result in reduced battery life

Microsoft: Apple is to blame for reports of poor Windows battery life

Taiwan protests Apple maps that show island as province of China

Why BBM for Android, iOS Success will be short-lived

Can 20 million new BlackBerry Messenger users really be wrong? Yes, if a cross-platform BBM can't offering uniquely compelling features.

Gimme a break: The features we won't see in Android Kit Kat

We want these features in Android, but we probably won't get them. Are you paying attention, Google?

It's that time again! What to expect in Kit Kat, Google's imminent Android release

Rumors are swirling around Android 4.3, and these are the ones that have a fighting chance of proving true.

Surface Pro 2 review: This is the Windows tablet you're looking for

13-inch Retina MacBook Pro review: Thinner, lighter, and faster never hurts

If you've been holding out on getting a new 13-inch MacBook Pro, now's the time to buy.

Trick your friends with these Halloween PC pranks

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mozilla releases 10 patches, five critical, for Firefox

Tom Wheeler confirmed as new chief of US FCC

Lenovo claims battery life crown with new Yoga tablets

Baidu's profit flat on growing investments in mobile

MongoDB support firm says intruders may have accessed databases

Second-gen Google Glass looks even dorkier than the original

Google took its most unattractive product and somehow made it look worse.

Some users grumble about Twitter's photo previews

Cloud-based SMB network startup adds app store for services

Cloudera positions Hadoop as an enterprise data hub

Twitter gets more visual with photo, video previews

US intelligence officials defend spying on foreign leaders

Clockwise Podcast: Completely ludicrous

Surface 2, Google's smartwatch, Motorola's wacky phone blocks, and the fearsome Internet power of... your photos. Jason Snell and Dan Moren welcome special guests Jon Phillips and Brad Chacos.

Twitter puts photos "front and center" on mobile

An update for iOS, Android, and Twitter's mobile site makes tweets more visual, and cuts down the number of taps needed to reply and retweet.

Google+ wants you and your photos to never, ever leave

Google showed off 18 new features to its slow-growing social network in an effort to convince photographers of its awesomeness.

Jaspersoft wants to attract new users with kinder, gentler BI features

Google shoots for simplifying photography

Keep your PayPal account safer with two-factor authentication

Adding extra security to your PayPal account is quick and easy. We'll show you how to do it.

Amazon MatchBook makes a big push for print book buyers to go digital

Infosys says its use of B-1 visas was for legitimate purposes

Adobe security breach worse than originally thought

Transporter network storage device cuts cost with bring-your-own-drive option

Lawmakers introduce bill to rein in NSA telephone records program

Citrix streamlines mobile productivity with new XenMobile

New Windows 8.1 requirements strand some users on Windows 8

Dell's deal to go private complete, no change in product plans

Record bitcoin payment of $1 million spent on new mining hardware

Data privacy concerns could derail EU-US trade talks

ARM delivers first 16-core Mali GPU design

BlackBerry's Hail Mary, the Z30, lands on Verizon in November

Hadoop is not enough for 'big data', says Facebook analytics chief

Motorola's Project Ara would make upgrading a phone's hardware as easy as downloading an app

Netflix considers making movies for simultaneous theater and streaming release

And Netflix may even bankroll some flicks of its own to prime the pump, according to the company's chief content officer.

Google's putting the finishing touches on a Google Now smartwatch, says WSJ

Forget the Galaxy Gear: Google's rumored to be jumping into the smartwatch fray, and Google Now could just be the killer feature that drags wrist riders main stream.

Motorola's Project Ara aims to create a customizable mobile platform

Intellinote brings social note-taking to businesses

ConnectedText 6 review: Personal wiki adds long-requested features

Nokia sold 8.8 million Lumia smartphones in Q3

Privacy group doubles down on Supreme Court NSA phone spying case

China's Baidu works on bringing software to smartwatches, wearable devices

Grab these ghost-hunting PC tools when paranormal activity is at its peak

Surface 2 review: Cautious upgrades don't help a tablet in desperate need of relevance

How to watch the NBA anywhere, on any device

A look at the (not so) many ways to catch the NBA on your computer, phone, or tablet this season.

Microsoft may turn to Windows Defender for unprotected PCs

Monday, October 28, 2013

Samsung's share grows while Apple's declines in Q3 smartphone market

Cloud-based app suite takes aim at e-discovery speed and cost

Dell to show its first 64-bit ARM server this week

Mozilla developing geolocation data service for public use

British man charged with hacking NASA and US military computers

FCC lays down spectrum rules for national first-responder network

Google Glass receives a hardware refresh; this time, you might get your hands on one

Google finally provided some Glass updates Monday, announcing a hardware refresh and an expanded Explorer program.

Apple profit declines as iPad sales flatten

Microsoft goes big data with new Hadoop Azure service's Dreamforce: What to expect

Zuckerberg said what about privacy? Researchers create archive to find out

Survey: younger employees break the rules and put your company at risk

Has your security software produced a big fat FAIL after the arrival of Win 8.1?

Artificial Intelligence startup may have cracked CAPTCHA

Lenovo delays touchscreen option for ThinkPad X240 laptop

Juggle multiple Twitter account in Google Chrome

Nvidia cuts high-end graphics card prices to fight AMD

Human rights commission questions NSA surveillance

NTT expands data center, cloud to US with acquisition

Oracle moves aggressively to poach SAP Business ByDesign customers

Twitter's new Starbucks e-gifts let you send treats by tweet

A little bird wants you to tweet Starbucks gift cards to your Twitter followers.

LG's curved G Flex phone solves a problem that nobody had

LG finally makes their curved phone official. Does anyone care their phone looks like a potato chip?

Nexus 5 rumor roundup: Everything you need to know

With the Nexus 5's release seemingly looming, we already know almost everything about the as-yet-unannounced Google phone.

Big update helps Nvidia's Shield handheld play nicer with Android and PC games

The update Nvidia pushed to its Shield gaming handheld is jam-packed with new features, additional game support, and Android 4.3.

Disable Windows' logon password

Google's European antitrust remedies don't cover searches

Microsoft shows off Xbox One's dashboard chops in new video

Three weeks before the launch of the Xbox One, Microsoft's revealing more details about its next-gen gaming console.

SAP can't restrict software resales, German court rules

Rackspace joins forces with Hortonworks on hosted Hadoop

Prezi Desktop review: Animate your presentations, even when you're away from the cloud

3-D printing comes of age

3-D printing adds new dimension to business innovation

Oracle eyes optical links as final frontier of data-center scaling

ARM servers with 64-bit Calxeda chips to ship next year

Google's rivals to review new concessions in EU antitrust case

Tested: 'Lane Keeping Assist' system steers Acura ever closer to self-driving cars

A car that watches the road and nudges the steering wheel hints at the future of self-driving cars, though not all drivers may be ready to let go.

Now panic and freak out: The best PC horror games

Asus G750JH review: A swift, silent superhero of a gaming laptop

LG follows Samsung, unveils curved-screen phone with 'self-healing' covering

Sunday, October 27, 2013

ATM malware may spread from Mexico to English-speaking world

Livescribe's latest smartpen draws heavily on iOS

The Livescribe 3 smartpen captures your notes as you jot them down, syncing them with a companion app for the iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone.

Buffer encrypts access tokens after spammer hack

Top 15 social media mistakes every business can avoid

Advances in data storage may create million-year materials

It's true: better, cheaper tech made work more productive

Even the savvy digital natives get hacked, survey reveals

Tablet shipments will jump 53% in 2013, Gartner says

Can Google actually protect vulnerable sites from attack?

Microsoft, Symantec battle fake credentials in malware

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Protesters call for an end to NSA mass surveillance

Weeding out fake reviews online takes care, incentive

Brits may consult convicted cybercrooks for tech defense

Security firm warns of pervasive Mevade botnet

Microsoft Word: Still fighting off challengers after 30 years

Court confiscates computer for owner's claim of hacking

Windows 8 users double down on antivirus protection

iOS called fastest-growing mobile OS, but Android rules

Friday, October 25, 2013

LinkedIn's Intro tool for iPhones could be a juicy target for attackers

Historical Software Archive lets you use vintage software in your browser

Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch is subject to many unhappy returns

The watch is selling to consumers, but it isn't staying with them.

Wall Street Beat: Positive earnings news lifts tech shares

Surface Pro 2 docking station now available -- or it was

Lab tested: Iris graphics provide a boost to new 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro

Internet Archive, fearful of spying, boosts its encryption

Turns out young people want to be actors, not cyber security professionals

Gasp! Comcast just made HBO available without a cable subscription

Finally, fans may be able to watch Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire without being forced to pay for the Game Show Network.

Officials target end of November for smooth

Moto X smartphone is now $100 cheaper on most carriers

New prices on the Moto X have dropped from $50 to $100, depending on the carrier.

Good Technology helps businesses break the BlackBerry habit

EU Parliament says other countries spy, but not as much as the UK or US maintainers to reset user passwords, change SSL certificate to hold mobile app 'hackathon' with $1 million prize

Cheaper equipment to give fast copper broadband a boost

Hands-on: Mozilla's Lightbeam is info porn for privacy geeks

UK police seizure poses question: 3D printed gun components, or printer parts?

Windows Phone Twitter integration runs wild with usage

No surprise here: Teardown reveals you won't fix the latest MacBook Pro yourself

Data protection essential to digital economy, say EU leaders

EasyRes review: Resolution switcher's animated previews set it apart

Keep your Microsoft account safer with two-factor authentication

Five Microsoft services to make any business smarter (including yours)

Must-know privacy tips for Google, Facebook and other online services

Now screaming: 13 flicks for your All Hallows horror binge

These online Halloween goodies are so scary that they'll still be rattling around in your head long after the Great Pumpkin has disappeared for another year.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Eastern Europeans sought in online marketplace fraud scheme

NSA spied on 35 world leaders according to leaked document

Samsung's profit up 26 percent on memory chip, smartphone sales

Lavabit encryption key ruling threatens Internet privacy, EFF argues compromised and used to attack visitors

Nine out of 10 Macs are eligible for free Mavericks upgrade

OS X Mavericks could end up on more than 90 percent of Macs, according to statistics from Web analytics firm Net Applications.

Twitter hires NBC's Vivian Schiller to boost its news cred

Storage 101: Secure, Accessible Options at Home and in the Cloud

Microsoft grows earnings, revenue in Q1, helped by server software

Twitter to price its IPO shares between $17 and $20

Google's New Policy: More Advertising, Less Privacy

Record first-quarter sales for Microsoft, but Windows OEM revenue falls

Clockwise Podcast: New iPads, free software, and what's next

Apple's big announcements, the merits of free software, iPad mini versus iPad air, and tablets in education. With guests Susie Ochs and Roman Loyola.

New Relic to mine performance data for business insights

Where to buy an old Mac Pro

Apple has removed the tower Mac Pro from the regular online Apple Store, which means its days of availability are numbered. But if you're still looking for the Mac tower, there are a few places you can dig one up.

Google offers up to 50GB of extra storage for HTC users

The Google Drive offer, made earlier to Moto X buyers, is now available for the HTC One and One Max.

Organizers hope for big crowd at surveillance protest

Vine mimes Instagram with new editing features

Play This Right Now: Candy Box 2

What’s in the box? Candy, presumably.