Friday, February 28, 2014

HP breaks Autonomy IDOL into discrete services

Intel expects Bay Trail successor in tablets by year end

Slideshow: Amsterdam architects start printing a 3D canal house

Class-action suit charges Mt. Gox with fraud, seeking the return of users' bitcoins

Missing Pieces: Wrapping up the week's must-know gaming news

Microsoft hints at new apps for Office suite

Size doesn't matter, says Jolla CEO

Gameover malware tougher to kill with new rootkit component

The IETF needed a wake-up call on security, says chairman

Hands-on: Razer Game Booster adds synced cloud saves for multi-PC gamers

3 helpful tips to keep your inbox clean

Windows for free? Microsoft toys with service-stuffed 'Windows 8.1 with Bing'

Intel 730 Series SSD (480GB) review: Good performance and a strong warranty

RSA Conference mobile app has vulnerabilities, researchers say

German court invalidates Microsoft mapping patent

Know where your mobile data is going? Some apps can tell you

Mobile World Congress wrap-up: 3 big trends from this year's show

Our intrepid team of reporters spent the week in Barcelona at the world's biggest mobile trade show, looking at a slew of mobile devices and services. But what topics were on everyone's mind at Mobile World Congress 2014?

How to keep your PC secure when Microsoft ends Windows XP support

Surface Pro 2 versus Galaxy Note Pro: a productivity smackdown

Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox files for bankruptcy with debts of $63.6 million

German court dismisses €1.57 billion patent suit against Apple

Thursday, February 27, 2014

California court rules it's OK for drivers to check mobile maps

The appeals court went by a strict interpretation of the statute under which the driver was charged

California court rules it is okay for drivers to check mobile maps

Hulu sells Japan business to focus on US

China ramps up cybersecurity efforts, strives to become "Internet power"

Dish looks like the winner of a $1.5B spectrum auction, but its plans are unclear

FTC: Identity theft is the plague of the country CEO Benioff says company landing more big deals

Microsoft upgrades iOS version of SkyDrive Pro

Wind River outfits VxWorks for 'Internet of things'

Google now listens for your voice in Chrome beta

Custom server market grows as established vendors struggle

NSA's Alexander defends surveillance, but calls for better cybersecurity

Google slightly delays kill switch for Chrome add-ons

EU could extend copyright levies to cloud services

Auditor: Warning signs in massive, Accenture-led Oracle ERP project

Wired, wireless docks turn Nexus 7 tablet into productivity machine

The Oscars will be streaming, but big restrictions apply

Cord-cutters and small city-dwellers not welcome.

UK man charged with hacking US Federal Reserve

Let my love open the door: Nymi wristband uses your pulse as a password

This fledgling wearable uses your pulse wave as a unique identifier, so it can unlock doors, accounts and more in a way that no one can decode or steal.

Samsung preferred for Android business use

'Free' apps may be violating EU consumer protection laws

Intel kills SSD overclocking plans, unleashes its fastest-ever enthusiast drive

British spy agency may have seen you naked in surveillance of Yahoo webcam chats

EU Internet survey finds widespread blocking, fueling net neutrality issue

Report: UK spies captured millions of Yahoo users' webcam images

Postini traps legitimate messages, creates Gmail delivery backlog

Facebook kills Messenger for Windows

Reinstall Windows when you've lost your reinstall disc or partition

Factory scene changes for iPhone workers in China but their budgets are tight

$100-headphone review: What does a Benjamin get you?

ReVu.Me collects team input on the fly

Bloomberg clamps down with data-access policies after scandal

Security researchers urge tech companies to explain their cryptographic choices

LCD cartel fines reduced by E.U. court

Mio stays on the pulse of fitness hardware with its wrist monitors

Wrist-worn heart rate monitors with the same accuracy as a tight, uncomfortable chest strap? Be still my beating heart.

STMicro could enable touchless gesture control of smartphones

Ten smartphones that caught our eye at Mobile World Congress

Samsung's Galaxy S5 may have grabbed the biggest share of the spotlight in Barcelona this week, but there were plenty of other mobile devices that caught our eye.

The biggest PC and productivity news from Mobile World Congress

The wearables of Mobile World Congress: These are the best we saw

YouTube ordered to remove controversial 'Innocence of Muslims' video

The 'Internet of things,' beyond the hype at Mobile World Congress

Some users take a dim view of the web, survey finds

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Server market revenue down 4.4 percent in Q4

US government seeks to hold phone data beyond five-year limit

Windows 7, XP vulnerabilites rose in 2013, security firm finds

Baidu's growing research, marketing costs keep Q4 profit flat security slip allowed unlimited password guesses

64-bit smartphones are coming, but Apple's iPhone 5s still stands alone

Lawmaker seeks US ban on Bitcoin

Atlassian packages Git aid kit for the enterprise

Sisters bet robotics in schools will plant seeds for STEM careers

Wi-Fi 'virus' could be used to attack wireless access points

Facebook removes C++ lint with new analysis tool

Analysis: The Yoga Tablet 10 HD+'s gorgeous display is what makes it special

Diablo III's 2.0.1 update might as well be a sequel to Diablo III

Mirrorlink 1.1 protocol brings third-party apps to in-car screens

Experience the crazy trailer for the first film made for the Oculus Rift

Microsoft deal delivers 'free' 100GB of OneDrive storage

Carriers say they support mobile kill switch effort

Oral-B's Bluetooth toothbrush wants to clean your filthy mouth

This smart brush wants to make oral hygiene fun, with videos to entertain you and even achievement badges. But your dentist will approve of its methods too

BlackBerry's enterprise chief talks BES12

IBM's Rometty makes developers an offer: the Watson mobile app challenge

Vodafone Foundation puts a 2G cell in a backpack for disaster recovery

Microsoft urges customers to ditch XP, Office 2003

New chipsets and devices lay groudwork for LTE-Advanced

Samsung debuts new Exynos chips, questions linger on 64-bit plans

Samsung announces new Exynos six- and eight-core Exynos mobile chips

Graphical language aims to do away with proprietary digital styluses

U.S. House passes bill to allow mobile phone unlocking, but details worry advocates

Photo leak: The Google smartwatch that will probably never be

Android Police releases images of an ostensibly Motorola-designed Google smartwatch prototype.

EU approves €1 billion funding for broadband, digital services

You've got a call on Line, too: Line announces voice calls to traditional phones

The popular messaging service is taking on the likes of Skype and Viber with its new VoIP service.

Simplified law may boost online sales in the EU

Intel wants its new mobile chips in your phone, tablet, toaster and more

US House passes bill allowing mobile phone unlocking

Free the TV: VBox's DVR lets you record and watch from any device

Debuting at Mobile World Congress and arriving in the U.S. later in 2014, the V@Home TV Gateway DVR lets you watch and record live TV on multiple devices at once.

Management vendors show Windows Phone some love

SAP, BMW research project will connect drivers with real-time offers and services

Munich opts for open source groupware from Kolab

Mac Pro 6-core review: $3999 Mac Pro is an impressive computer

Macworld Lab finally got the high-end standard configuration model of Apple's high-end workstation. The benchmark results continue to impress.

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro review: Android's bid to replace Windows in the office

IE zero-day exploit being used in widespread attacks

Video: Hands-on with the HP Pavilion x360 at Mobile World Congress

Filling the cybersecurity job gap

Japanese authorities looking into Mt. Gox amid US subpoena report

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

In appeal, Apple says e-book ruling will harm consumers

360 million account credentials found in the wild, says security firm

Samsung debuts new Exynos chips, questions linger on 64-bit plans

Android malware using TOR anonymity network makes a debut

FCC brings its free speed-test app to iTunes App Store

Microsoft rolls out Office Service Pack 1

Hands on: Lenovo's Yoga Tablet 10 HD+ adds much-needed style to the Android tablet space

Survey reveals generation gap in attitudes about security and privacy

Microsoft TypeScript graduates to Visual Studio

Why Julie Larson-Green's 'demotion' is actually a massive responsibility at Microsoft

New York City makes room for Breather

Samsung preps second-generation Knox BYOD software

Motorola will release a smartwatch later this year

In a Q&A with journalists at Mobile World Congress, a Motorola executive shared plans on venturing into wearables territory.

Mobile World Congress in Video: Three intriguing Galaxy S5 features

Faster computer performance targeted by memory consortium

Mobile phone unlocking bill loses supporters

Twitch TV game streaming to land on Xbox One alongside Titanfall

Up close with TalkBand, the Bluetooth headset you wear around your wrist

It's a smartwatch, no it's a headset. Stop. You're both right.

Hands on: Lenovo's Yoga Tablet 10 HD+ adds much-needed style to the Android tablet space

We're still a little iffy about that kickstand, but we can't stop staring at its brushed aluminum chassis and 1080p display.

Mobile World Congress in Video: Up close with the interface on Nokia's new Android phones

In this video report, you'll see why Nokia's X, X1, and XL are more reminiscent of Windows Phone devices than of the Android OS they actually run.

Nov'IT says flashing a new ROM onto your Android phone can make it more secure

EU mulling investment in South America-Europe undersea cable

Novell goes large for ZENworks update

Mastercard and Syniverse protect against card fraud with phone geolocation

Archos turns to Bluetooth Low Energy to monitor activities in the home

How to use Google Chrome's secret guest profile feature

Mobile World Congress in Video: Samsung's Galaxy of new products

Gmail hit by message delivery delay

WinZip's ZipShare service wants to help you manage your cloud storage accounts

Screens grow, cameras improve and emerging markets come into focus

Deutsche Telekom, Paypal offer carrier billing for digital purchases

Ex-Microsoft architect's startup focuses on SaaS integration

Mt. Gox closes transaction to protect site, company says

Microsoft's hardware chief shifting to services when Nokia's Elop arrives

WD says its new Purple hard drives are optimized for 24/7 video surveillance

Connected car, global SIM offerings drive Jasper Wireless' ambitions

AT&T will use Connected Car Cloud for a new LTE service

Researchers bypass protections in Microsoft's EMET anti-exploitation tool

AMD boosts Android on Windows PCs and tablets powered by its chips

Dell to resell, implement NetSuite's cloud ERP software

Mobile World Congress in Video: Meet Nokia's new Android phones

Hands on with HeadsUp, the latest meeting feature for Cal by Any.Do

HeadsUp adds robust task-management tools to the already awesome Cal app for Android.

New iOS flaw allows malicious apps to record touch screen presses

Hands on: New Galaxy Gear wearables take your pulse but still miss a beat on design

The heart rate monitors in Samsung's new-gen wearables make them extremely personal, but the devices' chunky designs may not inspire true love.

Still more protection needed from patent trolls in the EU, tech vendors say

Microsoft rallies Windows for price war with Android

BlackBerry CEO says here to compete, regain lost ground

China's Twitter-like Sina Weibo concedes slowing growth

Sierra Wireless customizes Linux platform for machine-to-machine apps

Sub-$200 BlackBerry phone coming in April from Foxconn

Study: IRS exposing Social Security numbers online

Monday, February 24, 2014

Mt. Gox trading halts, website down amid speculation of its closure

LinkedIn opens Chinese-language site, agrees to rules on censorship

Wi-Fi roaming starts to take flight with Hotspot 2.0

With voice calls, WhatsApp can tap new growth

Mark Zuckerberg wants to friend the whole world via

Facebook's CEO took the stage at Mobile World Congress to discuss his initiative, which aims to get the entire population of Earth online.

CloudFlare acquires StopTheHacker malware scanning service

Nvidia's mobile chip fortunes could rebound with new LTE smartphones

Bitcoins, other digital currencies stolen in massive 'Pony' botnet attack

Mobile World Congress in Video: Sony updates its Xperia lineup

We've told you about the changes Sony's introducing to its Xperia smartphones and tablets. Now see the new Xperia Z2 phone for yourself in this video report.

Will Microsoft keep or kill the Nokia X? It might do both

Samsung hopes its Galaxy S5 is the picture of health

What you need to know about Apple's SSL bug

Apple patched a serious vulnerability in its implementation of SSL on iOS last Friday, but the Mac is still affected. If you're concerned or curious, here's how it might currently affect you.

Intel ends wait for 64-bit Android on smartphones

Samsung debuts Galaxy S5 with an improved camera

Zuckerberg wants Facebook to be the world's Internet on-ramp

Samsung announces Gear Fit, a curved-display, fitness-tracking wristband

Yep, it includes a heart-rate sensor too.

US attorney general calls for data-breach notification law

LinkedIn beefs up profile visits analytics

EU hopes €3.5B splurge on search for elusive 5G will help solve youth unemployment

In an emergency? This battery-powered phone could bail you out

The SpareOne is an $80 phone that runs on a AA battery; it's designed as a backup in case your regular smartphone isn't charged. We take a closer look in this video report from Mobile World Congress.

Asus upgrades Fonepad 7 'phablet' with LTE connectivity

Investor Icahn blasts eBay board, calls for company to spin off PayPal

IBM buys NoSQL cloud provider Cloudant

Dual-screen Yota Phone update coming later this year

Qualcomm and Cisco join forces to improve wireless coverage at the office

Blackphone plans more secure devices, bouyed by Snowden leaks

Verizon: Heavy Web users should pay more

Read EPUB books in your browser

Microsoft's giving Titanfall away for free in limited Xbox One bundle

Lacking an integrated design, Intel's Merrifield smartphone chip isn't poised for success

Oracle buys Blue Kai, gains massive consumer data mart

Thief review: A game torn between tradition and today

Ford unveils new Focus, packed with parking tech

The car will help you park no matter the space and comes with a new version of Sync and safety tech for young drivers.

US carriers said to have rejected 'kill switch' technology last year

BBM coming to Windows Phone, Nokia X

Accenture launches mobile wallet platform for businesses

Welcome to Greenbot, a new website that answers all your Android questions

Helping Android enthusiasts of all experience levels, from newbies to long-time users.

Nokia's Android phones are nothing like the Android you're used to

If you were looking for an Android-y Windows Phone experience, however, this might be up your alley.

Hacker defaces website of IT security certification body EC-Council

Nokia tries to keep feature phones alive with the 220

Ford unveils new Focus, packed with parking tech

MWC:MasterCard adds in-app payments to MasterPass mobile platform

Sony's SmartBand is just another wearable until you add the Lifelog app

The waterproof SmartBand is basically a Fitbit Flex with a couple extra features, but the secret sauce is the gorgeous Lifelog app...which you don't even need the SmartBand to use.

Whisper a Secret to the whole world with no names attached

Anonymous apps let you speak your mind, but at what cost?

I just wrote the press release for LG's Google Now watch. Now they just need to make it

Hey, Google: Keep it simple, make it cheap, and go with the strengths that got you here in the first place.

5 password managers that protect your personal data too

Fujitsu gets touchy-feely with haptic tablet

Panasonic unveils ruggedized tablet with phone functions

Intel catches up with Apple on 64-bit smartphone chips

Nokia's low-end Android phone is actually happening

And there are three of them: The Nokia X, X+, and XL.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mt. Gox quits Bitcoin Foundation board

SAP and Xamarin work to simplify enterprise mobile app development

Qualcomm overtakes Apple with eight-core, 64-bit mobile processor

Qualcomm offers phone manufacturers an upgrade to its Snapdragon 800 processor

RealNetworks says its video-sharing service is ready for a worldwide stage

After launching in the U.S. and Canada five months ago, RealPlayer Cloud rolls out to the rest of the world Monday.

Apple encryption mistake puts many desktop applications at risk

HP makes play for network virtualization with OpenNFV program

IBM begins moving software portfolio to the cloud

With Netflix deal, Comcast hangs 'Kick Me' sign on net neutrality

Neiman Marcus says fewer payment cards exposed in breach than first thought

Samsung's new Gears give Tizen a lifeline, but smartphones still a no-show

Comcast, Netflix reach interconnection deal

Windows 8 may be selling, but different figures define its use

New Lenovo S-series smartphones do not have LTE

Lenovo fits Yoga Tablet 10 HD+ with better processor, screen

Huawei shows design prowess with MediaPad X1, Ascend G6 smartphone

Lenovo's Android-powered Yoga Tablet 10 HD+ promises huge spec improvements

HP to expand its mobile broadband service to the U.S. this summer

Snubbed in U.S., Microsoft pins Windows Phone’s future on emerging markets

HP ships first 64-bit Windows 8.1 tablets with Intel Atom

HP brings 'couch potato mode' to Pavilion X360 hybrid

Will HP’s Yoga-like Pavilion x360 get Lenovo’s chakras in a bunch?

Orange leans on in-house smartphone to give LTE a boost

Huawei's TalkBand mashes a smartwatch with a Bluetooth headset

Finally: a smartwatch that answers calls and lets you hear them too. Just stick the screen in your ear. (No, really.)

Samsung's new Gear watches add features, but only one has a camera

The Gear 2 gets new fitness features and will control smart TVs, but the Gear 2 Neo lacks a camera, which was our favorite part of its Galaxy Gear predecessor.

Is 'malware' too lame a name for the nasty stuff out there?

Windows 8.1 update due in spring with concessions to mouse and keyboard users

Windows Phone to get long-awaited enterprise update

Samsung's new Gear watches add features, but only one has a camera

The Gear 2 gets new fitness features and will control smart TVs, but the Gear 2 Neo lacks a camera, which was our favorite part of its Galaxy Gear predecessor.

Many home wireless routers vulnerable, study finds

Microsoft targets developing markets with Windows Phone changes

Samsung launches two Tizen-based smartwatches

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Twitter enters adolescence, seeks its next adventure

Spanish bank touts apps for smartwatch, Google Glass

Mediation fails to bridge Apple and Samsung's patent divide

Microsoft tools protect IE10 until Patch Tuesday arrives

IRS warns of leading tax scams

Microsoft to drop price of Windows 8 licenses 70% for low-end devices, report says

Dropbox changes terms of service to resolve disputes