Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Facebook grows up as a software firm, though some developers are wary

Worm-like Android malware spreads using text messages

Wearables offer hazy hope for mobile chip growth

Bogus Facebook hacking tool dupes users

Google breaks out Docs, Sheets from Drive mobile app

Facebook's era of breaking things is over: F8 brings new tools for mobile developers

Facebook used its annual developers conference to make your mobile experience better—and not just on Facebook.

New CEO tries to break Acer's reliance on PCs

Facebook looks to woo developers with new tools for growth

Facebook shows mobile app developers the money with new ad network

Apple-Samsung jury homes in on Steve Jobs' remarks

Elite: Dangerous impressions: Sequel to the classic Elite already amazes in early form

Motorola to introduce another handset, and it looks like it's all about emerging markets

A press event in London next month will likely debut the rumored Moto E.

Google launches stand-alone Docs, Sheets, and Slides apps

After bringing its Google Apps apps into its Drive cloud storage, Google has decided to separate them again.

Facebook’s Anonymous Login is a way for apps to earn your trust

The new login tool means you don’t have to sign up for countless apps you might never use again.

FCC pressured to regulate broadband in net neutrality spat

Facebook addresses privacy fears with anonymous log-in for apps

In pictures: Massive EVE Online monument unveiled in Iceland's capital

Report: First quarter smartphone shipments up 28 percent, Samsung still on top

Samsung ships twice as many smartphones as Apple, and everyone else is fighting for scraps.

VMware looks to AirWatch to simplify management and centralize client storage

Windows 8 gains natural-language Smart Search, with hints that Cortana could follow

OnePlus firms up the release details of its One uber-phone

The $300 high-end phone should be fairly easy to get in June, OnePlus says.

Google stops scanning Gmail messages for ads in Apps for Education

Online private car rental services driving to gain ground in Europe

Report: LG's G Watch will sell in France for 199 euro this June

That converts to about $275, keeping one of the world's most anticipated smartwatches in pricey territory—unless LG adjusts its "barrier to entry" for the U.S. market.

Red Hat to acquire Ceph open-source storage provider Inktank

Google Drive presentations gain Chromecast support

80s video game updated with Oculus Rift, Kinect

Voice phishing campaign hits customers at dozens of banks

OnePlus One hands-on: Customize the Cyanogen uber-phone to your heart's desire

It's big. It's thin. And you can tweak every nook and cranny.

Boardwalk Communicator tracks nitty-gritty Excel changes

LG expected to launch G3 smartphone, G Watch at May 27 event

HP joins with Foxconn to build low-cost cloud servers

Sony develops tape tech that could lead to 185 TB cartridges

Toshiba Portege Z10t review: The best detachable so far (if you're into that sort of thing)

DryBox looks to make a splash, drying out wet smartphones

Get your mobile device to a DryBox Drying Station within 36 hours of its unexpected dunk in the drink, and you stand a 75 to 80 percent chance of reviving your phone. And now the company is looking to expand into self-service units.

Ask Cortana anything: Sassy answers to 58 burning questions

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

With ban lifted, Microsoft plans Xbox One launch in China

Researchers try new 'twist' on smartwatches

EMC's Project Liberty could free storage software from hardware

Target's move to chip and pin seeks to assure consumers

Microsoft's prototype keyboard understands gestures

Hands on with Acer's Aspire Switch 10

Twitter more than doubles its sales, but still can't turn a profit

Bitcoin traders agree to settlement in Mt. Gox class-action suit

Florida commuter's illegal jammer blocked more than cell talkers

Big data hype didn't speed growth in the BI market, Gartner says

IE zero day is the first sign of the XPocalypse

Should police be allowed to search phones without a warrant?

New Yahoo mail app for iPhone delivers other content as well

New Bitcoin student club at MIT will promote the virtual currency

Premium 'Android Silver' phones may replace Google's Nexus program

Google will reportedly push stock Android with paid incentives for phone makers and unique features for users.

It's time for justice, says Apple in $2B case against Samsung

Manage your hard drive space with Windows 8.1's hidden, helpful tools

Microsoft Office for iPad finally adds printing feature

Oracle Solaris update plays nice with OpenStack

Harman/Kardon turns Sprint's exclusive HTC One (M8) up to 11

Available May 9, Sprint's version has killer speakers and high-end headphones.

Siemens patches Heartbleed in popular SCADA system

Canonical bug report suggests audacious Ubuntu for Android project may be dead

Acer's first wearable is a smartband

Acer announces a slew of new laptops, tablets, hybrids, and all-in-one PCs

Meet SCiO, the handheld scanner that IDs the molecules of food and pharmaceuticals

UK banking service aims to make it easier to pay small IOUs

Netflix strikes deal with Verizon to speed up streaming, too

Netflix continues to pay money to improve streaming speeds for its services among major U.S. ISPs.

Firefox 29 with revamped Australis interface rolling out

SAP giving Ariba an in-memory energy boost with Hana

Apple bumps processor on MacBook Airs, drops price

A minor increase in the processor for the MacBook Air line brings with it a not insubstantial price cut.

Nod is a gesture-control ring that aims to make your finger the ultimate input device

Wave your hand to control a brave new world of connected devices. That's the Nod promise. But do you really need another wearable in your life?

F-Secure says 99 percent of mobile malware targets Android, but don't worry too much

Of all the mobile platforms Android has by far the biggest malware problem—but it's still pretty rare.

Sefnit click fraud malware drops Tor for SSH, Facebook researchers say

Motorola Mobility found guilty of breaching EU competition law, but escapes a fine

SteelSeries Sensei Wireless review: A gorgeous mouse with a gargantuan price tag

16 powerful browser extensions that bend the web to your will

Hands on with LG's webOS Smart+ TVs

Finally, a smart TV interface that isn't stupid.

Graphene is the super substance that could replace silicon, plastic and glass

Nokia names Rajeev Suri as new CEO, reports sales drop

AMD's Beema, Mullins chips use software, sensor smarts to cut power, not performance

Monday, April 28, 2014

Yahoo airing two original comedy series beginning next year

The shows will air on Yahoo on desktops and mobile devices.

Samsung Galaxy K zoom packs a 20.7 megapixel camera

AMD's string of tablet failures may end with Mullins chip

Samsung prepares lower-end phones as Q1 operating profit falls

Google shows homegrown server with IBM Power chip

Yahoo airing two original comedy series beginning next year

Heartbleed's silver lining

Tibco scoops up analytics vendor Jaspersoft for $185 million

Oracle wants an illegal monopoly on Solaris support, company alleges

EU looks to micro-licensing for user generated content issues

Adobe patches actively exploited vulnerability in Flash Player

Google+ tremors rattle Apps suite

Google's self-driving cars now cruise through the neighborhood

Microsoft boosts OneDrive for Business storage

Epicor focuses on Microsoft technology to speed up apps

Home inkjet printer fabricates circuit boards on photo paper

Samsung feels wrath of Koh in Apple case

Microsoft targets June 13 to launch original Xbox programming

DHS warns against using Internet Explorer until bug is patched

AOL traces mystery spam flood to security breach; passwords and more stolen

FCC's new net neutrality proposal: What do we really know?

Samsung readies shipments of SSDs pitched at data center

In pictures: Unearthing Atari's legendary E.T. graveyard in the New Mexico desert

In 1983 at the height of the video game crash Atari dumped millions of game cartridges in a New Mexico landfill. This past weekend, Microsoft and a documentary crew dug them up.

Watch out Google Hangouts: Skype rolls out free group video calling

China's Internet loses 'The Big Bang Theory,' US TV shows

Skype group video calls finally free on Windows, Mac desktops and Xbox

Emergency update for Apache Struts fixes incomplete patch for critical flaw

How to install Ubuntu and keep Windows

HP Slatebook 14 takes another stab at the Android laptop

Google shows off the street smarts of its self-driving cars

Forget freewways: Google's self-driving cars are being tested on the raucous and rowdy city streets.

Geeksphone cuts cost of Android and Firefox OS smartphone

Critical zero-day endangers all versions of Internet Explorer -- and XP isn't getting a fix

Search warrants extend to emails stored overseas, US judge rules in Microsoft case

Linux to the rescue! How Ubuntu can help a computer in distress

China's Alibaba sets up JV in mobile search

Acer Iconia W4 review: After last year’s rocky start, this tablet is finally a good buy

Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet review: Large Android tablets get their cool back

Sunday, April 27, 2014

IBM puts all its cloud services in one place

Hacker claim about bug in fixed OpenSSL likely a scam

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Report: Verizon (unsuccessfully) challenged NSA surveillance program

Hulu works to block VPN access, looks to keep international viewers out

Automatic looks to fuel you with data for driving more efficiently

We go for a test drive with a $100 gadget that plugs into a computer socket on your car and sends data about your driving habits to your iPhone or Android device.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Under fire over net neutrality plans, FCC seeks early feedback

Can Twitter help smokers kick their addiction?

HTC: Relationship with Microsoft unchanged after Nokia acquisition

Wall Street Beat: Mobile, cloud are key to tech earnings

Haiku Deck: a painless PowerPoint alternative that's fun to use

Users report bugs with updated OneDrive app on Windows Phone 8.1

Game consoles spur AMD's x86 processor market share

Gimme shelter: new Google Search filters make it easier to find restaurants and hotels on the fly

It's just a click away: The new filters include pricing, ratings, hours, and other handy info.

Missing Pieces: Wrapping up the week's must-know gaming news

Appeals court opinion provides bump in Apple v. Samsung case

Unruffled by surveillance language, US praises NETmundial conference

Cloud-savvy Bluetooth 4.1 to reach devices by year end

F-Secure Freedome review: VPN and security for mobile devices

Netflix is finally coming to (some) U.S. cable boxes

Some U.S. cable subscribers are going to be able to ditch their Roku this week and just watch Netflix through their cable provider's TiVo.

Uninstall preloaded Windows 8 apps in bulk with this program

Four things Microsoft needs to do now to boost Windows Phone

Why Japanese watchmakers have no time for smartwatches

The fad of wearables-on-the-wrist doesn't resonate with Casio, Seiko and Citizen

The FCC's contentious new 'net neutrality' rules and you: What you need to know

How to selectively delete browser history

Google speeds up encrypted Web communications in Chrome on Android

Play is the thing for these European education startups

Smartphone lull a golden opportunity for Microsoft

Supermarket tablets, Apple results, and cord cutting UK style

Apple's slowing iPad growth, how Apple TV is lagging behind in the UK, Tim Cook's product promises, and what a supermarket tablet tells us about technology markets. With special IDG UK guests Karen Haslam, Matt Egan, and David Price.

'The phone is the key to everything': Microsoft now owns Nokia's device business

Mozilla to strengthen SSL certificate verification in Firefox

It's ridiculously easy to get the Google Launcher on any phone with Android 4.4

Don't have a Nexus or Google Play Edition device? No problem!

Microsoft CEO Nadella to Wall Street: 'We want Windows to be ubiquitous'

How to run SteamOS in a virtual machine

NTT DoCoMo looking to sell stake in Indian operator

With this phone, I thee wed: How the Nokia-Microsoft union changes everything

7 Internet fakes we wish were real

Spend a little time on the Web, and you'll know better than to trust your eyes. Still, we've come across a few online pranks that we wish were more truth than fiction.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pinterest launches Guided Search to navigate you through its 30 billion pins

Why Japanese watchmakers have no time for smartwatches

Surveillance, ICANN transition dominate Brazil NETmundial meeting

Pinterest puts its posts in the spotlight with 'Guided Search'

Baidu's profit boosted by mobile ad revenue

Exclusive: Google mulling Wi-Fi for cities with Google Fiber

US wireless users may get to share military spectrum

Apple, Samsung bicker over jury verdict form

World Tech Update: On the road at the New York Auto Show

Four growing European startups to keep an eye on

Dark Souls 2 review: An addictive puzzle wrapped in a nightmarish action game

Microsoft profit drops but devices, consumer products help results

Microsoft Q1 earnings top estimates, with strong growth in Office 365 subs, Xbox sales

US tech spending to see 'solid, steady growth' this year and next, Forrester says

Official urges state to adopt federal Obamacare site, rather than fix one Oracle built

Google, Apple, Adobe and Intel agree to settle Silicon Valley hiring case

Wearable device battery could last 10 years

Apple users put at risk by 3-week delay between OS X and iOS patches, researchers say

San Diego's SAP system has tripled workloads for some tasks, report says

Vic Gundotra, who led the creation of Google+, leaves Google

California phone kill-switch bill fails vote in state senate

Vic Gundotra, Senior VP of Google+, exits stage left

Facebook enters fitness tracking with acquisition of 'Moves' app maker

IFTTT lands on Android today, with six Android-specific channels

App comes with six Android-specific channels

Xapo is a Bitcoin debit card that works like a MasterCard

Microsoft releases Remote Desktop app for Windows Phone

Vic Gundotra, Senior VP of Google+, exits stage left

He leaves no word on where he's headed next.

Facebook tries to break the news with FB Newswire

Google Glass is now officially a normal, everyday product that anyone can buy

Amble on over to Google's shopping page and pick up a pair. Glass is just sitting there, with an "Add to Cart" button like anything else you may buy online.

Planet Labs plans big increase in imaging cubesats

FCC defends new net neutrality proposal

Lost Andy Warhol art recovered from 1980's Amiga floppy disks

Hot Deals Thursday: Pick up a Toshiba Satellite for only $600, Windows 8 Pro Upgrade at 65% off, and more

Facebook, the fitness tracker: The social network buys Moves to see your activity

Is the world’s largest social network jumping on the wearables bandwagon?

'Francophoned' cybertheft operation reportedly back in action

Surface Mini accessories hit Amazon, hint at possible mid-May launch - but be skeptical

How to set and keep your preferred default font in LibreOffice Writer

In Heartbleed's wake, tech titans launch fund for crucial open-source projects

The Windows 8.1 Start menu could show up this summer

Verizon boosts revenue, income on mobile and broadband growth

Heartbleed prompts joint vendor effort to boost OpenSSL, security takes a cue from Amazon's Mayday with 'SOS' for service

Meet MyMail, password-free email for a PC-free world

Geopolitics aside, Huawei still selling to carriers in the US

Nokia won't hand India smartphone factory over to Microsoft

4 Office for iPad alternatives

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

We Heart It turns off Twitter sharing following spam

Qualcomm could face SEC probe over Chinese bribery allegations

Megaupload seeks return of millions in frozen Hong Kong assets

Zynga founder Mark Pincus gives up day-to-day duties

FCC will seek input on latest net neutrality proposal

Apple to Microsoft: Better late than never for Office on iPad

Quip issues API for mobile word processor, aims it at enterprise IT

Facebook’s winning streak continues with another $2.5 billion quarter

Now that the social network has figured out advertising, it has greater ambitions.

With OpenPower, IBM tries to turn the tables on Intel

Report: US FCC to allow payments for speedier traffic

IPhone sales drive strong Apple earnings

Facebook sales leap, amid a growing mobile ad business

Brazil's global Internet conference includes call to end spying

Ex-FCC commissioner to head CTIA in latest Washington shuffle

Raspberry Pi alternatives emerge to fill need for speed

University takes a pass on Oracle after ERP lawsuit settlement

New Google Street View feature lets you time-travel to images past

Russian SMS Trojan for Android hits US, dozens of other countries

ARM says 64-bit chips have begun shipping in high volume

Free game alert: Red Orchestra 2's free in full on Steam, but for today only

FCC adds $9 billion to broadband subsidy fund

Report: Attackers have their sights set on the cloud

Meet Project Naptha, an amazing Chrome extension for modifying text in web images

Watch out Nexus: Cyanogen-powered, $299 OnePlus One finally revealed in full

We already know a lot about the device, but the OnePlus One smartphone running CyanogenMod is finally here.

Google's new, highly targeted app ads react to how you use Android apps

It's the little things that matter in Amazon Redshift upgrade

Google AdWords cleared in geotagging patent lawsuit

Dell Inspiron 15 7000 review: A discrete GPU makes it better at play than work

Word’s secret design sizzle: Learn the built-in tools for better-looking documents

China's Xiaomi targets ten markets in international expansion

Toshiba, SanDisk NAND flash memory shrinks to 15-nanometer process

Bing for schools out of pilot stage, promises ad-free search

NSA spying revelations have tired out China's Huawei

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Brazil's senate passes Internet legislation ahead of NETmundial conference

US to vote on sharp increase in broadband subsidies

Coding error protects some Android apps from Heartbleed

Dorian Nakamoto thanks Bitcoin users for donations

While Heartbleed distracts, hackers hit US universities

Violin and Microsoft play a duet to speed up applications

What kind of tablet does $5,000 get you?

Reddit demotes technology subthread after posts were deleted

Google had secret pact with Samsung over some Apple patent claims

Apple-loyal sales reps get updated CRM in Daylite

Sony updates Smartwatch 2 with new features, clockfaces and wallpapers

It may not be the most talked-about wearable, but the Smartwatch 2 continues to benefit from feature updates and a growing apps ecosystem.

Prepare for 'fake 4K': new standard will silently compress PC, tablet video

Google will push mobile app installs in search and YouTube

Salesforce at 15: Industry disruptor wards off midlife crisis

Aereo argues that ruling against it could hurt cloud storage business

Mark your calendars, RPG fans: Dragon Age Inquisition finally has a launch date

Micron ups endurance, capacity of SSDs to meet data center demand

War of the Vikings review: Brutish fun, but not quite ready for Valhalla

Supposedly patched router backdoor still opens wide for secret 'knock,' says researcher