Friday, January 31, 2014

Verizon to stream Super Bowl over LTE Multicast -- for a lucky few

The low-latency, high-efficiency technology will be available at a private event in New York

Facebook gears up for its 10th birthday

Report: Yahoo may be developing its own search engine (again)

Survey: Tech workers seek larger salaries in 2014

Wall Street Beat: Tech earnings provide bright spot for markets

Yahoo Mail hack teaches a valuable lesson

FTC: Medical transcription firm allowed histories to be on search engine

Report: Chatter about Nadella's appointment as Microsoft CEO grows louder

Mobile users at risk from lack of HTTPS use by mobile ad libraries, security researchers say

Big fat zero: Blackberry U.S. market share hits rock bottom, survey says

Blackberry may still have a presence in the enterprise, but among consumers it's a non-starter. At least there's nowhere to go but up.

Best Buy offers massive Surface Pro discount as tablet fades away

Twitter buys 900 IBM patents, dodging a potential infringement suit

Missing Pieces: Wrapping up the week's must-know gaming news

Dell lets managers go 'off road' with self-serve analytics

IBM to consolidate communication and collaboration wares into Connections suite

How to sync your Windows desktop to the cloud

Amazon ponders jacking the price of Prime $20 to $40

Incoming Windows 8.1 update might boot to desktop by default for PC users

Meet reqallable, the smartwatch app that rescues you from notifications overload

Intelligent algorithms can elevate communiques from important people, and suppress the emails and texts that can wait for later. But why is reQall launching on the Sony Smartwatch platform?

Yahoo buys itself a digital assistant with Incredible's (dead) Donna app

Telenav acquires Skobbler to get its hands on crowd-sourced mapping expertise

The moral of the Twitter-GoDaddy breach: People are the easiest thing to hack

Velocity Micro Raptor Z95 review: Modern components, dated enclosure

Dell Inspiron 14 (Model 7437) review: Slim and stylish, but surprisingly sluggish

How Nokia's fake Windows phone could save the real one

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Yahoo buying developer of Donna personal assistant app

Obama selects cryptologist to head US NSA

Researchers create Android app to show when other apps track you

Video service Blinkx contests Harvard professor's analysis

Zynga to buy 'Clumsy Ninja' developer for $527 million, cut 314 jobs

Yahoo acknowledges Yahoo Mail hack

Yahoo resets passwords after Mail attack

Report: Satya Nadella to be named Microsoft CEO; Gates out, too

SDN thinking lags behind technology, VMware's Casado says

Google sales rise despite Motorola slip

Startup Altiscale offers Hadoop hosted service

Tor-enabled malware stole credit card data from PoS systems at dozens of retailers

Dark Souls II preview: I died 8 times in an hour and loved it

FCC moves toward IP transition of phone networks

Once skyrocketing tablet sales growth sees a slowdown

Ex-network engineer faces prison after admitting he sabotaged employer's system

AMD's performance-boosting 'Mantle' PC gaming tech launches with Battlefield 4

Dell finally ships Android-based PC on a stick

LibreOffice enhances its enterprise spreadsheet abilities

Mint personal finance tool embraces Bitcoin, but as an investment - not cash

Move your libraries to an external drive without messing things up

Facebook finally shakes things up with Paper, the front page for your life

The social network’s new iOS app combines the best of News Feed with curated stories to create the ultimate personalized newspaper.

GoDaddy owns up to role in Twitter account hijacking incident

Facebook launches mobile news app Paper

NTT DoCoMo reveals smart clothing, fitness band in healthcare push

Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 review: Touch-free scanner won't damage source material

Separate the sound from the fury: 5 in-ear headphones for your smartphone

We found lots of things to like, and some things to dislike in popular new in-ear headphones from Beats, Bose, Bowers & Wilkins, Harman Kardon and Shure.

Dassault Systèmes to buy scientific PLM software maker Accelrys

The top 5 security threats to watch for in 2014

Security Showdown 2014

USB DAC review: Six compact components for upgrading your computer’s audio

F-Secure Internet Security 2014 review: bulletproof protection, bad user interface

McAfee Internet Security 2014 review: Intuitive interface, decent protection

Norton Internet Security 2014 review: Polished security suite with excellent protection

Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 review: An all-around performer

VIPRE Internet Security 2014: Adequate protection, interface needs a makeover

AVG Internet Security 2014 review: a decent, lightweight antivirus suite

Avast Internet Security (2014) review: short on security

Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Complete review: Protection needs improvement

Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2014 review: All-in-one suite offers excellent protection

ESET Smart Security 7: newcomer brings top-notch protection

Lenovo faces chance to become rare PC maker successful in phones

Samsung not sanctioned over leakage of Apple documents

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Intel closing down AppUp online app store

Nintendo sticks to its console guns despite Wii U flop

Ellison: Facebook the new model for business applications

Ellison says IBM and SAP no longer Oracle's main rivals

Target says attackers stole vendor credentials

With Motorola sale to Lenovo, Google is unloading a headache

Facebook sees apps in its future ... lots of apps

DOJ's Holder says agency is investigating Target data breach

Facebook's mobile ad growth leads to a $2 billion quarter

Facebook made nearly $2.6 billion in the fourth quarter of 2013, and most of that money came from ads. Again.

Defendant challenges DOJ's use of NSA surveillance

Facebook asserts its success on mobile with another strong quarter

Bitcoin regulation urged by law enforcement officials at New York hearing

Say bye to Motorola: Google sells Mobility division to Lenovo for $3 billion

Asana adds calendars to its workplace task management app

Yahoo acquiring Tomfoolery, a social networking startup for business

Gartner: Today's on-premises ERP systems will soon get the 'legacy' label

Honda lets you 3D-print a car for fun, and we’re waiting for the car parts, please

If you can print your own, scalable model of an NSX or another concept car, could a spare door handle be far behind? We hope not.

Senator pushes for an end to NSA phone records program

AMD debuts first ARM processor

Cisco unveils 'fog computing' to bridge clouds and the Internet of Things

Microsoft sharpens Windows Intune's cloud device management tool

Microsoft joins ARM server effort

Next-gen mobile bill pay: No data entry required

Sierra Wireless' new LTE gateway can take over when your fixed line fails

VoltDB looks to gain ground in crowded in-memory database market

Apple signals more aggressive move into the enterprise

Google demos play up the gaming potential of Glass

The Google-made gaming demos look fun, if simple. But where's Ingress?

Hackers deface Angry Birds website following NSA spying claims

Louis C.K.'s releasing his first feature film online for $5

Sure, it's 15 years old, but it's still full of stars and silliness.

Bitcoin may be a bust on the Las Vegas Strip

Samsung opens 60 dedicated stores in Europe with Carphone Warehouse

Tested: We push six 802.11ac Wi-Fi USB adapters to the limit

Trendnet TEW-805UB review: Low-priced adapter delivers lackluster performance and features

Netgear A6200 review: Good up close and flat-out fabulous at long range

Buffalo AirStation WI-U2-866D review: Decent performance for a low price

Asus USB-AC56 review: Feature-rich and very fast

Linksys WUSB6300 review: Mediocre performance doesn't jibe with higher price

D-Link DWA-182 review: A solid performer at all distances

German government faces legal action over NSA spying

Hands-on: Steam's in-home PC game streaming beta already feels like magic

These are the filthy words Google voice search doesn't want to hear

The words that don't get censored is the real shock.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Google ordered to pay royalty on AdWords revenue to Vringo

FileZilla warns of large malware campaign

Obama touches on NSA reform in State of the Union address

Lenovo restructuring to focus on enterprise products, software after IBM deal

Facebook puts 10,000 Blu-ray discs in low-power storage system

Clockwise Podcast: Mac at 30, iPod's dying days, Google's home invasion

The Mac turns 30 -- can it survive to 40? The iPod's sales figure suggest an iconic product that's about to pass into the great beyond. And Google's purchase of Nest brings up lots of questions about what Google's really up to.

Evernote upgrades make sync four times faster

NSA phone records program aids investigations, defenders say

Google Glass prescription frames: Deflection marketing is their most interesting feature

If only for a day, Google has changed the Glass narrative from something that can get you in trouble to something that makes you look incredibly cool.

Yahoo reports another sales decline as ads sag

Lavabit case highlights legal fuzziness around encryption rules

Russian man pleads guilty in SpyEye malware case

Bitcoin investors, legal experts grilled by New York regulators

Apple patents solar-powered MacBook

Nintendo doesn't want your dirty cell phone money, nixes mobile mini-game rumors

Nintendo will not bring games to cell phones. Not yet, anyway.

Verizon shareholders approve takeover of mobile unit

Android 4.4 OS inbound for HTC One, may follow for Galaxy S4

VPN bypass vulnerability affects Android Jelly Bean and KitKat, researchers say

Oracle broadens legal fight against third-party Solaris support providers

Partners get improved admin tools to manage customers' Office 365 environments

How to find out if someone has been snooping in your Gmail

A hidden feature in Gmail can tell you if someone's been rummaging through your love letters. Here's where to find it.

Supercharge Gmail with these 3 simple, stellar Gmail Labs features

Telerik lets developers choose between building Web, hybrid or native apps

Google Glass adds prescription lenses and a dash of style

At long last, Glass can double as proper glasses.

Lenovo's Miix 2 hybrid goes on sale early, but watch out for that wacky pricing

Dutch court ends Pirate Bay blockcade after digital piracy continued to thrive

French data-roaming competition gives a glimpse of Europe's future

11 PC games that are just as fun to watch as to play

5 alternatives to LogMeIn Free for remote PC access

China's TCL throws hat into nation's emerging console gaming market

Dell KACE upgrade deploys OS upgrades to 250 devices, simultaneously

Monday, January 27, 2014

Microsoft cloud server designs for Facebook's Open Compute Project

Global smartphone shipments topped 1 billion in 2013

Parents sue Uber over daughter's death, claim its app is illegal

Obama administration forges deal with tech companies over data requests

Apple sold 51 million iPhones last quarter, posted $57.6 billion in revenue

Old-school Wi-Fi is slowing down networks, Cisco says

Lavabit to have its day in federal appeals court

Executives at Bitcoin startup face money-laundering charges

Retailer data breach trend not likely to end soon

Report: Spy agencies collude to gather personal data from mobile apps

Microsoft acquires Gears of War, hopes you still care

Epic's lauded Gears of War franchise helped Microsoft sell the Xbox 360, and now Redmond hopes it can do the same on the Xbox One.

T-Mobile offers G-Flex for no-money down, throws in six months of Netflix

T-Mobile's Gumby phones are now available on three major carriers (sorry, Verizon).

Prominent cryptography and security researchers deplore NSA's surveillance activities

Help Grandma with her Facebook settings using AVG’s new privacy tools

AVG’s PrivacyFix software plugs into your social networks to figure out where your privacy settings are lacking.

IBM preps Talent Suite for human resources tasks

Report: Samsung will unleash Galaxy Gear 2 and "Galaxy Glass" on the world in 2014

2014 may be Samsung's year of bendy transparent displays.

SDL looks to battle Oracle, in 'customer experience'

Google may be the last calculator you'll ever need

How many kilograms are in a pound? How many inches in a light year? What's the square root of 268? Google has the answer—here's how to get it.

Windows 8.1 Update 1: Everything we know so far

Microsoft's SkyDrive becomes OneDrive after trademark dispute

Android, wearable tech to get boost from Google-Samsung patent deal, analysts say

Confusion over EU data protection watchdog resolved

Wikipedia adding voice recordings to famous people's pages

The many ways to copy, move, or delete multiple files

Microsoft renames SkyDrive to OneDrive

Suspected email hackers for hire charged in four countries

LG posts Q4 net loss despite jump in phone sales

Sticky Password Cloud 7 review: The ideal solution for password management across platforms

Why you need to start using Google Voice, your Android phone's best-kept secret

Your backup drive needs a backup plan: Three ways to safeguard the data

To get video into more conference rooms, Logitech goes medium

Sunday, January 26, 2014

China's Baidu testing search engines for Brazil, Egypt, Thailand

Google acquires artificial intelligence company DeepMind

Microsoft says law enforcement documents likely stolen by hackers

How do you like them apples: Google and Samsung ink patent deal

Threat forecast for 2014: Ransomware, scams, snoops

When the wearables arrive, the apps aren't far behind

8 ways to get the job done using Google Glass

A hacker's story: Mitchell Frost explains his motivation

The Internet of Things is already linking up in sports

Small retailers have less to fear from hackers, experts say

Google bets $2.7 million in Chrome hacking contest

Corel ends test of Painter that supports Kinect-style control

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Arts and crafts chain Michaels investigates possible data breach

Microsoft loses money on every Surface tablet it sells

Report: Apple planning a move into mobile payments service

Report: Apple planning mobile-payments move

Email (and spam) retrieval moves to mobile gadgets

Most cybercrime comes from a few core groups, report says

NFC smartphones: The answer to retail hack attacks?

The Mac at 30: The next 30 years

As the Mac celebrates its 30th birthday, Dan Moren looks at where the influential computer has been and what that might mean for where it’s headed.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Yahoo buys virtual worlds gaming company Cloud Party

Samsung's Apple damages equivalent to 16 days' profit

DOJ files its first lawsuits over counterfeit apps

Netflix finally lets users disable Post-Play feature

As promised, Netflix now lets you turn off its forced auto-advancing feature when watching streaming TV shows. Huzzah, I say.

Wall Street Beat: Stocks tank as tech earnings look mixed so far

Gmail, other Google services hit by outage on Friday

BitTorrent throttling in U.S. creeps back up

Gmail goes down, Google investigating the cause

German court orders Google to block Max Mosley sex party pics

FTC takes action against alleged Obamacare spammer

Just try to steal my 2015 Chevy Tahoe, I dare you


Review: The HP Color LaserJet Pro M177fw offers great output, but little else

Google's Gmail, Drive, Google+ services go down

Tech, telecom vendors spend millions on lobbying in DC

NASA satellite to bring high-speed data to Hubble, ISS

HP envisions the holistic data center

How to use Google Calendar to keep groups organized

Use your smartphone to check your remote control batteries

Are the batteries in that remote really dead? Your smartphone can help you find out.

Authentication bypass bug exposes Foscam webcams to unauthorized access

Tiger Direct jumps on the Bitcoin bandwagon

EU human rights court gives priority to UK mass surveillance case

The Mac and other things turning 30 in 2014

The Mac isn't the only thing turning 30 this year. Macworld U.K. has a list of other things turning thirty, including plenty of tech from Flash to Facebook's father.

Amazon improves performance and cuts cost of data warehouse service

Hands on with the first Mac: Apple's Macintosh 128K

Thirty years ago, Apple released the Macintosh 128K. Macworld U.K. took a look at the computer to see what it's like to use a vintage Mac.

Your ultimate mobile office: The tools you need to work on any device

Snow is for suckers: Play these winter sports games on Android

When it's too cold out for the real thing, there's always your phone.

PC gaming hardware: The coolest gear to look for in 2014

CNN's Twitter and Facebook accounts hacked

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Profits stall at Samsung's mobile division

Neiman Marcus says 'complex' malware defeated its security

Ouch -- Facebook called a 'twit' for Twitter-like trending feature

Qualcomm buys Palm, iPaq patents from HP

EdX enrollment data shows online learners are more browsers than finishers

Xbox One, holiday sales drive Microsoft to record revenue

US privacy watchdog: NSA phone records program is illegal

New Windows malware tries to infect Android devices connected to PCs courts Microsoft .NET developers with new tools

BlackBerry moves to block sales of Typo keyboard

Apple gobbled up the most chips in 2013 -- is that bad?

How to get Justin Bieber out of your Twitter timeline


OCZ lives, debuting new SSDs with Toshiba's backing

Find My iPhone finds two suspected thieves in Silicon Valley

SkySQL aims for high-availability database clusters with MariaDB Enterprise

Snapchat's new image-based human verification system already defeated

Paradox Interactive announces a slew of new strategy games and expansions

Office Web Apps cuts through clutter with a new look and helpful feature-finder tool

As Microsoft readies Q2 earnings report, non-financial questions swirl

Google adds pop-up website bios to search results

What you need to know about SD cards

Workday rolls out revamped, HTML5-powered user experience

Netflix plans shift to three pricing tiers for new members

Decisions, decisions.

Nokia sales disappoint as Microsoft readies phone group takeover

3G patent disputed by Apple, HTC and Nokia upheld by European Patent Office

US federal watchdog calls for end to NSA phone records program

Five free Chrome tools for faster, easier searches

How to make Microsoft great again, one Nokia phone at a time