Monday, March 31, 2014

Microsoft slashes Azure prices, introduces new basic tier

Mistake in ransomware program leaves decryption key accessible

Twitter looks to cash in on TV-related tweets overseas

With one 'dinosaur' and one BlackBerry owner, iCourt jury is selected

Banks withdraw claim against Target over break-in

Feds will require new cars to include backup cameras

Solar flare Wednesday could mean 'radio blackout' for GPS, communications

Oracle overtakes IBM as second-largest software vendor, Gartner says

Avaya tried to monopolize maintenance, jury says in $60M verdict

Intel plays defense against ARM with Cloudera stake

Bing adds context to people, places with 'snapshot' feature

FCC clears the way for faster Wi-Fi

Directory Opus 11 review: The premier file manager for power users

Samsung lowballs the 4K competition with $700 display

Many SAP customers struggling to figure out its mobility strategy, user survey finds

One cell-phone factory may delay Microsoft's Nokia buy for six months

Galaxy S5 display tested, found to be the best ever

Dr. Raymond Soneira of DisplayMate puts the Galaxy S5 display through a heap of tests, and proclaims it king of the smartphones.

Supreme Cout justices question some software patents

Microsoft launches Outlook app for Android, declutters your inbox

Pokemon invade Google Maps for April Fools

Google is showing off a Pokemon augmented reality game in its latest April Fool's Day prank. experiences maintenance outage on deadline day

Vodafone brings M-Pesa mobile money to Europe with Romanian launch

Samsung's 28-inch, 4K monitor to sell for $699.99

SQL and NoSQL come together with new MariaDB Enterprise offerings

Gather similar files from multiple folders and copy them in one simple step

Google cracks down on shady ads and app-promotion tactics in Google Play

Google makes developers responsible for keeping scammy stuff like simulated system alerts and sudden redirects out of their apps. The company also sets curbs on pornography.

The Right Path: How upgrading your office from XP yields bottom-line benefits

Oracle doubles the speed of MySQL query handling

Alarming synthesized speech tells you when to freak out

Microsoft's Build 2014 conference: What we know, what we expect

9 stylish wearables that won't make you look like a high-tech dork

OK, it's not like Gucci is getting into the smartwatch business. But this wearable tech actually adopts a fashion-forward aesthetic.

Office for iPad vs. iWork: The battle for tablet productivity

OCZ Vertex 460 SSD review: This drive delivers market-leading write performance

Alibaba invests $692 million for a presence in physical retail

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Activists to appeal US judge's ruling on Baidu's censorship

Judge overrules Samsung objection to jury video depicting Apple devices

Smartphone kill-switch could save consumers $2.6B per year, says report

Google, Level 3 DNS services hijacked by TurkTelekom

Banks pulls out of class-action suit against Target, Trustwave

Oculus VR's John Carnack takes to the Internet, defends deal with Facebook

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Expo Notes: Livescribe hopes to make the pen mightier in the digital age

The smartpen maker came to Macworld/iWorld to show off its Livescribe 3 smartpen and tout the third-party apps that now work with the smartpen.

Yahoo may try to draw YouTube's most popular acts with a video site of its own

Nadella wins praise for public debut as CEO

Report pegs Apple, Microsoft as some of the world's most popular brands

Friday, March 28, 2014

Judge blocks sales of Typo keyboard on BlackBerry request

World Tech Update: Microsoft puts Office on the iPad and Facebook's $2 billion VR bet

Trial to proceed in Silicon Valley employee 'no poaching' case

Why Zuckerberg prefers drones to Google's balloons

Judge approves class-action suit against Apple in e-books case

There's no bubble in business Wi-Fi, Aerohive CEO says

Expo Notes: Sit or stand, the Ergotron’s WorkFit works both ways

Standing desks are growing in popularity, and the WorkFit lets you switch between standing or sitting.

Wall Street Beat: Mixed news for tech puts dent in sector confidence

Intel upgrades Edison, its smallest computer

Apple and Samsung head back to court, but outcome could be different

After outcry, Microsoft changes course and won't access user data in theft probes

Missing Pieces: Oculus overload, Titanfall cheater island, and COD meets Ahnold

Philips smart TVs open to remote attacks via default wireless connection, researchers say

Microsoft says printing functions will come to Office for iPad soon

Invasion of the body snatchers: wearable devices are coming for you

Translator with Speech review: Windows Phone app bridges language barriers

Microsoft reveals next-gen Kinect for Windows design, teases launch

Three essential tools for solving the worst Wi-Fi headaches

Office for iPad shoots to the top of Apple's free app chart

BlackBerry revenue plunges 64 percent, suffers loss

Court extends bankruptcy probe of Mt. Gox mess

Dell Chromebook 11 review: Basic browser machine keeps up with the times, barely

Seagate Business Storage Windows Server review: No-nonsense NAS for business

Thursday, March 27, 2014

US judge rules Baidu's censorship is protected as free speech

Lawyers talk of settlement in Silicon Valley employee-poaching case

Wearables, projectables, Office for iPad, and Oculus

Office comes to iPad, but does it matter? Also, the future of wearables and projectables, and Facebook buys a nice pair of VR glasses.

Internet via lasers, drones: How Zuckerberg will bring the 'Net to all

Classified X-37B space plane breaks space longevity record

With Office for iPad, Microsoft makes all mobile platforms free, but creation will cost you

Office for iPad establishes the tablet as a true PC

Hands-on: Lego Minifigures Online might just bankrupt every parent on Earth

Lenovo recalls ThinkPad batteries for fire hazard

Cross-industry IoT group pushes for gear that works together

Turkey blocking YouTube in 'desperate and depressing move'

Cointrust CEO says his technology can take Bitcoin mainstream

Google fined for not cooperating with India's antitrust agency

Microsoft Office for iPad review: Finally! True productivity on your tablet

$160 dollar smartphone gives a glimpse of LTE's future

Microsoft unveils Office for iPad

Microsoft announces Office for iPad, extending productivity to all iOS devices

Facebook, other Web giants unite to scale MySQL

Chinese telco hardware makers no longer under EU investigation

Intel makes 'significant' investment in Hadoop company Cloudera

Hot Deals Thursday: score awesome savings on a Lenovo IdeaPad U530 Ultrabook, Dell Inspiron 3000 desktop, and more

Wow, much custom PC: Boutique system builder Xidax now accepts Dogecoin

Cisco fixes denial-of-service flaws in IOS software for networking devices

Run Your Small Business or Home Office Like an Enterprise

Expo Notes: Western Digital reveals new Thunderbolt-powered My Passport Pro

Now you can buy a computer-powered rifle on the Internet with Bitcoins

Texas-based TrackingPoint is now accepting Bitcoin for weapons purchases. It's not the first time you could buy guns with Bitcoin, but it might be the first time you could do it legally.

Watch out for photos containing malware

'Malleability' attacks not to blame for Mt. Gox's missing bitcoins, study says

China calls US spying actions 'hypocrisy,' plans to beef up security

Acer Predator G review: A budget-priced gaming rig with some real teeth

What Facebook's Oculus Rift buy means for PC gamers

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hosting company describes security scare aimed at Bitcoin accounts

Mt. Gox creditors want to force Karpeles to testify in the US

'Coinkrypt' malware mines cryptocurrencies on Android

Mt. Gox consults Japanese police over missing bitcoins

Box to offer usage-based pricing, file conversion service

HTC execs say it's not too late for a do-over: One-on-one with the president of HTC America

We talked to key HTC executives about the new HTC One (M8) and how the company plans to get back on consumers' radars.

Intel cautious about selling wearable devices directly

Twitter adds photo-sharing features as Instagram nips at the network’s heels

The social network now lets you tag photos and tweet multiple images without using up your 140 precious characters.

On the road with T-Mobile's free international roaming

Amazon counters Google with its own cloud price cuts

Dell, Microsoft sign Android cross-license patent deal

E-voting comes of age in Italy with Venice independence referendum

Bitwig Studio on Linux: Can one top-tier app change the game?

AOL sharpens advertising ambitions with its One platform

Windows Phones to get better gaming, battery with DirectX 12

Amazon's WorkSpaces becomes generally available

Full Disclosure security mailing list reborn under new management

Shining light on virtual reality: Busting the 5 most inaccurate Oculus Rift myths

EU institutions accused of doing nothing to free themselves from dependence on Microsoft

Twitter fights Turkey ban with lawsuit over political freedom of speech

Report: Ankara court moves towards overturning Twitter ban in Turkey

Oculus Pissed? Here are 6 Facebook-free virtual reality alternatives

There's plenty of interest in VR from other companies, but no solid options yet.

Gameover malware targets accounts on employment websites

SAP buys Fieldglass for temp worker management

Oculus fallout proves nobody understands what Kickstarter truly does: Fund hope

Infor goes all-in with Amazon Web Services for cloud ERP

Minecraft creator cancels Oculus Rift port talks after Facebook buy

HTC to develop products for China with help of local retailer

CloudOn offers 6 months of virtual Office for free

Why Facebook thinks Oculus is worth $2 billion

How to hide your online searches: We browse incognito with Disconnect and Silo

HP Spectre 13 x2 review: This hybrid falls short of the hype

Ceglia's ownership claim to Facebook dismissed by federal court

'Innocence of Muslims' actress files contempt motion against Google

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Intel acquires health band maker Basis Science

Security vendor Trustwave named in Target-related suit

Spherix sues Cisco for 'immense' patent infringement

Bitcoin's backers know they need to win you over

Facebook's Oculus VR buy is about much more than gaming

CEO Zuckerberg sees virtual reality as the next major computing platform

Facebook’s Oculus buy is a bet on the future of computing

Why would a social network buy a virtual reality headset manufacturer? Because VR is the next big platform.

Nvidia adds Pascal but delays Volta GPU, Parker mobile chip

Facebook buying Oculus VR virtual-reality company for $2 billion

Microsoft publishes MS-DOS, Word for Windows source code

IRS will tax Bitcoin as property, rather than as currency

Nvidia pushes brain-like computing with new graphics products

Petitions call on US government to leave Snowden alone

Open Compute Project chief Frankovsky quits Facebook

Nvidia's Shield handheld gaming console to get KitKat upgrade

Meet the camera features in the new HTC One (M8)

From two cameras on the backside to an improved front-facing camera, there's plenty for mobile shutterbugs to love about HTC's latest smartphone.

Nvidia Shield update adds anywhere, everywhere PC game streaming

A closer look at your Windows XP investment

Nvidia announces Pascal GPU, $3K Titan Z graphics card

Google revamps enterprise cloud services with price cuts, more features

Hands on with the new HTC One (M8)

The One has all the makings of a winner with the second-generation One. We used it, and came away impressed.

SAP rolls out 'smart' new way to do data warehousing

Amazon adds search features, more languages to CloudSearch

HTC says its One M8 smartphone is like jewelry

French consumer group sues Google, Facebook and Twitter over privacy policies

Amazon sends money to Kindle readers affected by e-book price-fixing scandal

If you bought a lot of bestsellers, you could see a hefty credit on your Amazon account on Tuesday.

HTC announces the HTC One (M8) with dual cameras and fancy gesture controls

HTC improves its industrial design, along with new depth-of-field camera tricks, and a gesture-sensing user interface.

How to disable Windows 8's deep cloud integration, piece by piece

HTC announces the HTC One (M8), a 5-inch handset with dual cameras and sensing gesture controls

HTC improves its industrial design, along with new depth-of-field camera tricks, and a gesture-sensing user interface.

HTC announces the new HTC One (M8), a 5-inch handset with dual cameras

HTC has improved industrial design, bumped up screen size, and added a removable storage slot for its flagship phone.

New BitCrypt ransomware variant distributed by bitcoin stealing malware

SAP to resell Adobe's marketing suite in strike against, Oracle

Just previewing email can give attackers control of your PC, Microsoft warns

How to use Tumblr's new two-factor authentication

Tumblr joins a large number of online services that are making it harder for hackers to break into your account thanks to two-factor authentication.

Adobe simplifies app advertising, integrates Marketing Cloud with iBeacons

Apple settles Belgian guarantee dispute

ZTE releases 6.4-inch smartphone with 13-megapixel front camera

Hands-on: Valve's Steam Controller tries to replace your mouse and keyboard

Hands-on with the new mobile Sonos apps

We've tested the beta versions of the new Sonos controllers and come away impressed.

The ultimate guide to proper SSD management

If Google Glass is just a 'prototype' why is it pairing up with luxury sports eyewear?

Patience, patience, young Explorer. Tomorrow's Glass will be more fashionable than today's.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Panasonic brings 4K to wearable action camcorders

The HX-A500 can be looped around your ear for a high-resolution, first-person view of anything from watersports to mountain climbing

ATM malware, controlled by a text message, spews cash

Report: Obama to unveil legislation to end NSA bulk phone data collection

Cisco's Intercloud could supercharge its IoT plans

Google Glass may get more stylish with help from Oakley and Ray-Ban

The fashion and luxury brands will help Google design and market Glass

Box to go public, hoping to raise $250M

Swap agreement aims to protect Bitcoin holders from the next crash

FCC's chairman moves to allow spectrum sharing

JavaScript creator takes Mozilla helm

Google Now rolls out to desktop versions of Chrome, and it's a two-way system

What USB Power Delivery means for you

Servergy becomes first company outside of IBM to build Power server

Rumor check: everything we think we know about the All New HTC One

HTC's next flagship device will be upon us soon. Here's what we know so far.

HTC's next flagship smartphone needs more than Robert Downey Jr.

In-memory technologies move databases to real time

Cyberlink Director Suite Live: Subscriptions and Online Storage

Rogue apps could exploit Android vulnerability to brick devices, researchers warn

Dell continues software expansion with StatSoft acquisition

Basecamp falls to blackmail-fueled denial of service attack

Hands-on: Link Bubble rethinks in-app Android links to save you serious time

A new Android app borrows Facebook's Chat Heads idea and puts it to good use to save you time.

It can lick any color laser in the house: New HP Officejets tackle corporate workloads

Cisco plans $1B investment in global cloud infrastructure

Here's how your to-do list can text reminders to your phone

Why Google Glass security remains a work in progress

University researchers develop spyware for Glass that snaps pictures and sends them to a remote server

Wearable snake oil: The search for automatic calorie-intake tracking in fit-tech wristbands

It's the 'holy grail' of activity-tracking wristbands, but critics say no defensible technology allows activity-tracking wristbands to automatically tell us how many calories are in the food we eat.

Origin Genesis Variable Mounting review: An ultraluxury gaming machine in an innovative enclosure

Nokia delays closure of sale to Microsoft of smartphone business

A thin lifeline for XP users: New Malwarebytes suite will support the older OS

Sunday, March 23, 2014

After 30 years, HP brings inkjet printing to office MFP

Small bitcoin exchange, Vircurex, teeters after large withdrawals

Encrypted email service Virtru adds Office 365 compatibility

NSA hacked into servers at Huawei headquarters, reports say

California DMV customers may be affected by a credit card breach

Saturday, March 22, 2014

RealMyst: Masterpiece Edition review: The same Myst you know and love, but prettier

Report: Turkey cuts off a key Twitter workaround by blocking Google DNS

Friday, March 21, 2014

Twitter kills its music app, which never got much play

Worried about the government? Internet giants also dip their hands in the cookie jar

Xbox One's price disadvantage disappears with new bundle

In the big data breach era, the safety of your personal data is ultimately out of your hands

Microsoft's rules, not Metro, killed Metro Firefox dead

Netflix CEO knocks Comcast in call for stronger net neutrality rules

The streaming media service may be getting improved speeds from Comcast now that it's paying for direct access to the ISP's network, but Reed Hastings doesn't sound too thrilled with the arrangement.

Reforms promised, officials removed following audit of troubled Obamacare site built by Oracle

Google myth-busts the nonsense that 'Glass is ready for prime time'

Today's Glass Explorer edition will eventually look like a quaint relic of yesteryear, Google shares in a 10-point, myth-busting blog.

To Oculus and beyond: Peering into the future of virtual reality at GDC 2014

Wall Street Beat: Tech shows signs of growth

If $50 won't do it, what about $100? Microsoft sweetens trade-in deals for XP holdouts

LabMD challenges FTC data security action in new lawsuit

How to quickly convert old Google Drive Sheets to the new format for offline editing

Can’t stop the tweets: Turkey tries and fails to block Twitter

Graffiti artists are spray-painting DNS addresses on Turkish walls, as citizens use everything from VPNs to the Tor anonymous network to get around the Turkish government's attempted censorship of Twitter.

DirectX 12 vs. Mantle: Comparing PC gaming's software-supercharged future

Firefox gets a revamped look and easier sync in latest beta

New Google Sheets with offline editing rolling out to all

Microsoft tweaks privacy policies after email spying backlash

Samsung hopes to drum up interest for S5 with hands-on demos

How to avoid data overages on your Android phone

Got sticker shock looking at your monthly bill? You may have gobbled up too much data. Here's how to deal with that.

Tested: Which PC upgrades offer the biggest performance boost for your buck?

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mt. Gox finds $116m worth of bitcoins

Turkey appears to have blocked Twitter

Megaupload loses bid to see more US evidence

Lenovo buys mobile-related patents for $100 million

Speedy attack targets Web servers with outdated Linux kernels

World Tech Update: Sony enters VR gaming with Project Morpheus, Google's new Android Wear

Google's Project Tango headed to International Space Station

Remembering Pat McGovern, the technology media tycoon you never knew

Symantec fires CEO, appoints interim replacement

Seagate CEO, who helped pick Nadella, leaves Microsoft's board

Layar, the pioneering augmented reality app, is now available for Google Glass

You want contextual overlays? Here are your contextual overlays.

Microsoft ups OneDrive biz storage quotas following Google Drive increase

Wickr wants to spread its spy-level encryption to your favorite games and apps

The encrypted messaging app is selling its security tools to other companies to make money—and to make your information safer.

Tech firms oppose fast-tracking of Trans-Pacific Partnership

Password Safe review: Solid management tool for technical users

Researchers find cross-platform RAT for Windows, Android

Fitbit sued over rashes experienced by bracelet wearers

What's the problem with DMCA takedown notices?